With its experience of more than 30 years, a full engineering software, electronics and mechanics design office, a production workshop and a certified quality organization, AIR SYSTEMS supplies its customers with solutions combining high level skills, responsiveness and competitiveness.
- Aircraft electronic systems (cockpit & cabin)
- Electronical design
- Automated Test Equipments
- Prototypes or small to medium-sized serie
- Software development

Electronical design

Automated Test Equipment

Software development


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8 September 2023

Aerospace Test & Development Show 2023

Aerospace Test & Development Show, 19th and 20th september 2023 (MEETT, Toulouse)
8 March 2023

AERO Friedrichshafen

AERO 2023
17 December 2021

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They trust us

Our commitment for Quality

AIR SYSTEMS aims to ensure its development and sustainability:
- by designing and producing new products while remaining in line with our internal values: Skills - Reactivity - Competitiveness
- by engaging in a dynamic of continuous improvement:
- in accordance with the requirements defined in our Quality Management System
- by satisfying in a sustainable manner the needs of our Customers and stakeholders
- with conformity to the applicable laws, regulations and contract provisions

Engaged in a Quality approach for 17 years, AIR SYSTEMS policy is articulated around 5 axes:
- customer satisfaction and loyalty
- work with reliable suppliers and partners
- diversify and extend our business into new sectors
- support our employees
- maintain a continuous improvement process in our organization